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The Philadelphia 76ers Theme-Song!

The theme song “HERE COME THE SIXERS” was written in 1975 as a rally song for the Philadelphia 76ers, Philadelphia’s own professional NBA basketball team. The song engaged the fans to sing and welcome the team unto the court to do warm-ups preceding the games. At the time the song was introduced, the 76ers were struggling as a team and were in the process of rebuilding.

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The acquisitions over that period of time included: Doug Collins, Steve Mix, George McGinnis. Julius Irving, Maurice Cheeks, Moses Malone, Andrew Tony, Lloyd Free, Charles Barclay and others that thrilled fans and reinstated the Philadelphia 76ers as a championship team.

The team was a wonder to watch and the song, to our surprise, was widely accepted as a Philadelphia favorite and we thank the fans for that. We are delighted the 76ers have adopted the HERE COME THE SIXERS theme song as they strive to become a championship team once again.  We thank the fans as they sing the words and enjoy an NBA franchise that is once again in the hunt.

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